Horror movies that scare horror directors


It’s got be pretty hard to scare a guy who makes his living scaring other people. That’s why this list of horror films that scare horror directors is clearly full of actually scary movies. The New York Times asked an impressive group of famous horror film directors, from James Gunn to John Waters, what actually scared them and they delivered on the goods.

If you hit the jump you can check out our abbreviated list of the films, but I have to say that I totally agree with Larry Fessenden about Night of the Living Dead. When I saw that as a kid in bright daylight it scared the crap out of me and I refused to go to bed and even now when I re-watch I get goosebumps. Seeing horror movies non-stop has dulled my senses a bit so getting scared by that still is quite an impressive feat.

I’m a little surprised the list doesn’t have more little known films, but I suppose if a horror film is truly scary it’s going to become famous so that makes sense.

Let us know what your scariest movie ever is in the comments.

[via New York Times]

Ti West – The Shining
John Waters – Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Herschell Gordon Lewis – Dracula (original)
James Gunn – Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
John Landis – TCM/The Exorcist
Marti Noxon – Soylent Green
Joe Cornish – Picnic at Hanging Rock
Larry Fessenden – Night of the Living Dead
John Sayles – The Thing
Edgar Wright – The Thing
Eric Red – The Exorcist
Del Toro – The Shining
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