Images of Hitman: Agent 47 get all bald


The Hitman games make for some pretty easy action fodder, and the movie that released in 2007 based on them wasn’t all that bad. It didn’t really take off though, so why not reboot! The new Hitman film, Hitman: Agent 47 has been dropping images this past week and they look a lot like the game. Suit, tie, guns… utility belt. We hope some stealth killing will be involved as that’s a lot of the game, but for now things look a bit flashier.

The newest of the images is a comparison between Agent 47 in the game and Agent 47 as played by Rupert Friend. Likeness is always something people look for when making those casting list things, but it rarely ever actually translates to whether or not a person will nail a roll. Plus, you shave almost anyone’s head and they’ll pull off a decent Agent 47.

Matthew Razak
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