Infographics break down 50 years of James Bond goodness


Flixist’s Bond Month is going strong in the lead up to Skyfall. In addition to Matt and Xander’s daily Across the Bond features (tackling every Bond film in chronological order), this week Matt had an awesome interview with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli and a look at the cult classic Casino Royale (1967). Since it’s Friday, I figure it’d be keen to share a couple Bond-related infographics. (Friday and infographics go hand in hand. It’s in the Magna Carta.)

The first infographic is from the H & R Block blog. It breaks down 50 years worth of James Bond, examining the highest grossing and lowest grossing films, the cost of various Bond accessories, and how much various Bond ventures earned. The second infrographic comes from Cristina Vanko’s site and ranks the Bond actors in terms of the Rotten Tomato scores for their movies, the number or martinis they’ve had, the amount of times they’ve said “Bond, James Bond,” and the number of kisses, kills, and screws per film.

Check out both infographics in the gallery. The third image is a detail of the Best Bond infographic. Keep checking back with us for more Bond Month happenings.

[H & R Block blog and Cristina Vanko via First Showing]

Hubert Vigilla
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