Instant loss of respect for John Lasseter


We all know movie studios are, above all, in it to make money. I can accept that. Even places as awesome as Pixar needs to put out something terrible that only exists to make money from merchandise, and that something is Cars. The announcement of Cars 2 was disappointing, but at least we all knew it was just for the wads of cash thousands of little toy cars would bring in, right? Right?

Despite Lasseter showing off the sweet new line of toys to be used to fill his money bath, he’s genuinely excited and proud to release “a great spy movie” like this one. His favorite character in the movie, a cocky Italian car that seems only to be cocky (because there was no other character like that in the original movie) will be voiced by John Turturro. Lasseter says his inspiration came from driving around in other countries and thinking, “What would Mater do?” Hopefully he’d jump into a river to keep away any future Cars sequels.

[via /Film]