It’s morphin’ time in newest Power Rangers trailer


This newest trailer for Power Rangers has everything, and I mean everything, you probably we wanted to see. We see the new Command Center, Zordon, Alpha, we see the suits in action, zords, Rita Repulsa, the Megazord, and pretty much every big scene in the movie (which was what I was afraid of). But…I’m really feeling this. 

While the suits still look a mess, and the finale is going to be lots of CG nonsense, I really liked this trailer. I don’t like it as a “fan” of the series, but it’s at least a much better cut trailer than the first one. It drops a lot of its pretense, and has the kind of fun I wanted from the jump. I hope the full film can match this tone. 

Power Rangers releases March 24th. 

Power Rangers (2017 Movie) Official Trailer – It’s Morphin Time!