Jackass 3.5 trailer announces April Fools Day premiere


When they shot Jackass 3D, apparently there were a lot of crass stunts they cut out of the final film. It was probably wise, considering there’s only so much of that stuff that people can take, but it’s a waste for the cast that performed those usually painful stunts. Someone has to see those stunts for that pain to be worth it.

There have been rumors of a Jackass 3.5 for a while now, but there hasn’t been any indication of what form it will take. Now, JoBlo has found a trailer for Jackass 3.5, which will be a series of weekly episodes appearing on Joost. Each episode will consist of additional pranks and stunts not included in Jackass 3D, including the only prank successfully pulled on ringleader Johnny Knoxville.

The first episode will premiere on April Fools Day, and once they’re all out, every episode will be combined into a feature-length movie and released on DVD and VOD. Are you still interested in people injuring themselves and others for your enjoyment? I think I reached my quota for this series years ago.

[via JoBlo]