Jacki Weaver joins Park Chan-wook’s Stoker


Director Park Chan-wook is making an English-language vampire movie. Actress Jacki Weaver, seen above, is really creepy looking. A match made in heaven? Quite possibly. It seems that we will be finding out soon, as the actress has joined the cast. Weaver is best known for her Oscar-nominated performance in Animal Kingdom, a film which I have never heard of and know absolutely nothing about. I assume it’s about animals and that she played a lion or something equally flesh-hungry. There is no actual information regarding her role in the film, but I assume it is vampiric in nature, or else someone made a terrible casting decision (seriously, look at her!). Regardless, the movie is going to be awesome, because it’s being directed by Park Chan-wook. Who is awesome.

[Via IndieWire]