James Gunn in talks for Guardians of the Galaxy(!!!)


Could dreams really come true? Could James Gunn, director and/or writer of many of my favorite films and Troma sweetheart, really be directing Guardians of the Galaxy, my most anticipated Phase 2 Marvel movie (sorry, Mr. Wright)? God, I hope so. If not, we’re left with the possibility of the guy who did Bring It On or the duo that gave us Half Nelson. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t bad movies by any stretch, but it’s James Gunn! He made Slither! He got to have sex with Jenna Fischer!

Gunn’s ability to seamlessly blend humor into dark situations (half-crazy vigilante seeking justice against the drug lord who stole his wife away from him, small town alien slug invasion, survivors eking out their lives in a zombie apocalypse) is paramount for this film, as it will center around a rag-tag group of space misfits up against impossible odds (and probably Thanos). Not to harp, but would you want that responsibility handed to the dude who directed Bring It On and Yes ManReal talk: I might have a crush on James Gunn.

Anyways, the plot of the movie follows a “U.S. pilot (presumably Peter Quill, the man who will become Star-Lord) who ends up in space in the middle of a universal conflict and goes on the run with futuristic ex-cons who have something everyone wants (an Infinity Gem? Perhaps the whole damn Infinity Guantlet?).” Gunn has worked with a lot of low/no-budget before, but I think with Marvel Studios backing him up, we could get the Guardians of the Galaxy film we deserve. With the countdown already less than two years away, I’ll be anxiously awaiting every little announcement. Are you guys as excited as I am for GotG

[Via /film]