Jason Statham joins Fast and Furious 7


After all of the pre-pre-production drama, the engines have revved up toward Fast and Furious 7‘s release next Summer. Although I have no idea what kind of crazy antics the sixth installment is going to have, looks like Fast Se7en is going to be far more cranked. 

According to an interview with DesdeHollywood, Michelle Rodriguez spilled the beans about Jason Statham’s joining the franchise: 

Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, when you see these guys in a room you know they belong together […] You can see in their eyes that they have gone through a lot […] I applaud Universal for getting him on-board!

So there we go. Barring any sort of debunkery from Universal, it’s safe to assume that Rodriguez knows what she’s talking about (and that she’s still a part of the franchise since she can’t seem to stay dead). What say you? I’m hoping this is a merger of Fast and Furious and Transporter franchises. 

[DesdeHollywood, via Punch Drunk Critics]