John Krasinski already has plans for A Quiet Place 3


It’s no huge secret that A Quiet Place is almost certainly going to be a franchise that will long outstay its welcome and tarnish the reputation of the original like oh so many sci-fi and horror franchises do. The screenwriters for the first already explained that they have “plenty of material” for future iterations, and with A Quiet Place already raking in nonstop bucks hand over fist, there’s no reason for Paramount to stop the gravy train any time soon.

Director John Krasinski has himself now given lip service to the idea of A Quiet Place at least stretching into a trilogy. He told Collider:

“It’s interesting, I genuinely hadn’t thought about a second one when I was doing the first one. However, I really had these questions while I was doing it. I put the fires out in the distance in the first one, and I always thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we got to explore where those fires lead to? Who’s on the other end of those fires?’ But I never thought that there would be a sequel. So then when I actually came around to writing the sequel, I started with the fires. And so this time, I think when my brain started wandering of questions of what would this mean later on, I started to write down notes in case I could prepare myself for a third one.”

It’s all vague stuff, but that can be expected with A Quiet Place: Part II yet to release. As such, I do still have to wonder how wise it is to explore every hanging question of such a weird story. Isn’t the main draw of extraordinary tales the places it takes a viewer’s mind?

I think we can all agree, however, that one of the questions Krasinski won’t explore is whether or not a giant, eyeless alien murder spider can be milked.

A Quiet Place: Part II will creep into theaters on March 20, 2020.

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