John Lasseter has too many shirts


Number one, I am super jealous of John Lasseter’s closet. I mean, I know the man makes more money in a day than I can ever hope to make in a year, but look at that thing! Those are just his clothes! His wife probably has another one like this all to herself! I am pretty sure that closet is bigger than my living room. I could comfortably fit my computer desk in just his suit section and have plenty of room left over.

Number two, who could ever deal with over one thousand shirts, let alone ones in the same style? Sure, he doesn’t wear a lot of them, but I can’t imagine having a wearable shirt for every day of the year. This video brings up a lot of questions, really. How does he remember all of them? How often does he wear his favorites? How often does the Lasseter household do laundry? Do people still laugh at him in Hawaii? Where can I get a shirt covered in Toy Story characters?

[via /Film, via the San Francisco Chronicle]