John Travolta rumored to star in Toxic Avenger remake?


This is one of those rumors that’s so bonkers stupid that it’ll either be debunked within the hour, or it’ll turn out to be true, and we’ll be sitting here, wondering where our sane world went. I don’t know what It’s on the Grid is, other than some kind of IMDB/Studio System kinda thing, but they’re saying that John “I’ve never has a gay massage in my life!” Travolta is attached to star in the upcoming “family friendly” remake of Troma’s seminal classic The Toxic Avenger. Who’s he starring as, if he’s in it at all? No idea! While Travolta seems like he’d be a better fit to play some sort of evil corporate CEO trying to pollute the environment, there’s always the possibility that he himself will be our good friend Toxie of the melted face and the lethal mop.

Nick suggested in our company email thread about this that it’s going to turn into a stealth Battlefield Earth sequel, with Travolta mutating into Terl and spouting off nonsense about wiping out the man animals. I would pay to see this.

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