John Woo to direct Youth of the Beast remake


I can’t remember if it was in the most recent Flixist Show or the previous week’s lost episode that I insultingly proposed that the “HK films” mentioned in a listener question was short for “Hentai King.” That was stupid and I apologize; I hope it didn’t make the podcast.

Alex schooled us on actual Hong Kong movies with particular attention to John Woo, while I feebly tried to contribute to the conversation by mentioning that I’d seen Hard Boiled, once, a decade ago. The annals of time have, of course, wreaked such havoc on my memory that the best I could offer on the subject, between my sputtering spurts of saliva-spouting dribble-talk, was an acknowledgement of a cool kick in one of the film’s fight scenes. They really should never let me on that show again; I’m truly sorry.

Anyway, John Woo, after his forthcoming romantic epic Love and Let Love, is remaking 1963 yakuza film Youth of the Beast, originally directed by Seijun Suzuki. The film will be in English but further occidentalization is unknown at this time.

The Film Stage notes that no fewer than two similar properties are currently in development, so look for the Japanese mafia to soon burn red hot as yakuza become the new vampires in a post-Twilight world: scorned as monsters by society, but irresistibly seductive all the same.

This sentence was originally a joke about Hulk, because I confused John Woo with Ang Lee. I am a racist and, again, I’m sorry.

[via Variety]