Jose Padilha’s Robocop movie won’t be a repeat


Don’t you hate it when a remake or reboot of a series tries to retell the story of the original? Nine times out of ten, it’ll blow chunks. And as a huge Robocop fan, I was worried that the remake/reboot would be a straight retelling of Murphy’s origin story. Looks like that won’t be happening after all!

In an interview with Film1, director Jose Padilha said that while he loves Paul Verhoven’s original, and the themes and story within it, his Robocop movie won’t be a remake of that. Instead, it looks as though it’ll explore the themes of free will, and what it means to loose that will. Really interesting stuff, since the original barely touched on those really important themes. 

All of this talk has got me wanting more information about this movie. Who’s writing it? What’s the release date? Could I please be shot by Robocop in the movie? These are important questions I hope to have answers for with further updates.

[via /Film, via Film1]