Josh Gad to star in ‘Gilligan’s Island’ movie


Yes, it’s true. Warner Bros.’ is finally giving us what we’ve all been begging for– a Gilligan’s Island silver screen premier. The original Gilligan’s Island, a 1960’s sitcom, centered around the misadventures of seven castaways trying to survive together on a desert island. 

Josh Gad (Frozen) is set to both co-write and star in the film, though there’s no word yet on who he’ll be playing. Smart money’s Mary-Ann, though.

Does the world need (anotherGilligan’s Island movie? Probably not, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited to see where this will go. Maybe it will become the new endearing mess we can all love to hate. For now, I can only hope the movie features a dance sequence similar to this: 

Gilligan's Island - The Honey Bees

[Source: Collider]