Josh Stewart added to The Dark Knight Rises cast


I would wager a guess that we won’t be seeing that much more casting news out of The Dark Knight Rises as most of the leads have been announced, and we’re damn close to things actually getting underway, but as a final touch we’ll throw Josh Stewart into the mix. The role he is cast in is, of course, under wraps so he could literally be a guy who says “Watch out, buddy!” as Batman speeds by him while chasing Catwoman or he could be some unannounced villain.

You probably know Stewart from either seeing him in No Ordinary Family, Benjamin Button or The Collector. It’s hard to guess who he would possibly be playing, but I’m sure fans with more insight into the comic than me could offer up some thoughts on who they think he’d be a great fit for.

Whatever role he ends up in he’ll be surrounded by an awesome cast. The credits for this movie are going to be seriously epic in terms of people saying “Oh, I know that guy!”

[via Variety]

Matthew Razak
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