Just Cause film casts Jason Momoa in lead


One of the problems with movie video game adaptations is that the games they’re adapting are basically action movie adaptations with the player able to interact. So adapting it back into a movie just takes away the interactivity and leaves you with a move we’ve already seen. This is probably what’s going to happen with the Just Cause film, though, the news that Jason Momoa has now been cast as Rico Rodriguez, the protagonist of the franchise may entice some people.

With Brad Peyton set too direct I can see the movie being full of plenty of the ridiculous Just Cause chaos and spectacle, but we’ve seen that a million times before anyway. The guarded script is rumored to follow the plot of the first game, and focus on Rico’s crisis of conscious as he goes in to overthrow an island’s dictator. Again, it’s basically a movie we’ve seen, but now you can’t blow things up yourself. 

Maybe this will finally be the film that makes video game movies work, but if Assassins Creed, a wholly more original premise with a objectively better director and lead actor, can’t do it I’m not placing any bets on this one. 

Matthew Razak
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