Justice League actually looks pretty good in its SDCC trailer


Justice League is in the middle of a huge mess right now. DC Comics and Warner Bros. are tooling and re-tooling elements, Ben Affleck was almost phased out of the Batman role (before confirming he’d be staying on), and the film’s current advertising is at odds with its product. So it’s weird to say that this new bit of footage from San Diego Comic-Con looks pretty good, actually. 

I’m not sure if the film actually revolves around Wonder Woman (since Wonder Woman was such a success for the DCEU) as much as this new advertising angle posits , or if the final film will feature as many light hearted moments as it does here, but this trailer at least shows off a less dour Justice League than I expected. 

Regardless of how this turns out, this trailer is interesting at least and I kind of need to see this out of pure curiousity for this, admittedly, Avengers-like historical event. If Justice League ends up being a huge trash fire when it hits theaters in November, I want to be there to watch it burn. 

Justice League - Comic-Con Sneak Peek [HD]