Kanye West debuting short film at Cannes


The 2012 Cannes Film Festival is currently happening, and it was announced this morning that it will premiere a short art film from Kanye West, titled Cruel Summer, next week. Produced by West’s multimedia arts company DONDA (named after his late mother), its subject is currently unknown but is said to relate to the forthcoming debut album of his record label GOOD Music (named after West’s preferred moral alignment).

I had two jokes planned for this news post. One involved relocating the title of a certain song to Cannes. I have since reconsidered tastefulness of that one. Katy Perry apparently once covered the song as “Ninjas in Paris,” but as I’ve only ever seen “ninja” used in that context by preppy douchebags who were not doing so out of a place of respect, I’m not going to risk being misconstrued as one of them (a risk I already take on a daily basis when I go outside with my pink polo collar popped awesomely).

The second was to insert the pun “Cannes-ye West” somewhere herein, but just to clear it up for anyone else who might still be uncertain (they really should teach IPA in school), the city and festival are pronounced like “soda can,” not like the Star Trek villain. So, making that pun with the correct pronunciation, I’d probably sound like a southern farmer talking about Kanye West with an indignant unfamiliarity.

Here’s the film’s official site, on which you can reserve tickets if you happen to be in town, spilling Ace on your sick J’s.

[via Digital Spy]