Kickboxer getting remade with kickass dudes


Normally I’m not fond of remakes or reboots, but when it seems like the newer version might be an improvement over the original, I don’t really mind. The original Kickboxer was part of a long line of “Jean Claude Van Damme kicks people” movies that were never quite satisfying as Bloodsport. So the fact that they’re remaking it with a bunch of kick ass dudes in tow really helps pique my interest. 

According to THR, Dave Bautista (of WWE and Guardians of the Galaxy fame) and Georges St. Pierre (of UFC and Captain America: The Winter Soldier fame) have joined the film alongside martial artist Alain Moussi in the upcoming remake. There are no other details as of yet (as the film is still being shopped around at Cannes), but I’m pretty interested to see what comes out of this. 

[via THR]