Killing Gunther brings the mockumentary to action in first trailer


I’ve been keeping my eye on Killing Gunther just because I’m a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger low-budget action worked since he’s returned to film. The guy’s bigger budget stuff has all been spotty (Sean is so wrong with that score), but put him in a fun bit of action or even an indie zombie drama and he’s been turning in some fantastic performances. That’s why Killing Arnold is looking good to me because it’s the exact type of creative indie action film that Schwarzenegger is just nailing now by playing on his own type. 

Taran Killam of SNL fame is directing, and you can tell because he’s brought along a cast full of SNL alums, but unlike a lot of “those” movies this one actually has a feel of more than just an extended sketch or excuse for some SNL guys to hang out together. The action looks solid, the jokes look funny, and Schwarzengger looks like he’s having a blast. My only concern is that they make a “terminated” joke. Maybe that’s just something that’s contractually obligated in Arnold’s contracts now, but man, for a comedy that looks sharp and high concept that is a really weak joke. 

Matthew Razak
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