Leonardo DiCaprio could be The Six Billion Dollar Man


Rumours have arisen that Leonardo DiCaprio could be in line to take the headline role in a cinematic adaptation of the ’70s television series, The Six Million Dollar Man, adjusted for inflation to Six Billion. Bryan Singer is reportedly the man behind the project, although expect it to take some time to reach screens considering he still has Jack The Giant Killer and a possible Battlestar Galactica movie to clear from his slate first.

As First Showing notes, DiCaprio is an unusual name to have attached to this kind of pulpy material, even with Singer’s involvement. For those who didn’t grow up on action-packed retro telly, the series – adapted from the Martin Caidin novel, Cyborg – involves a pilot, named Steven Austin before the current Steven Austin, who is involved in a terrible crash and has his body cybernetically rebuilt, allowing him to become a secret agent extraordinaire. There’s plenty of potential for fun in the premise, it will be interesting to see if DiCaprio and Singer try to take it in a more thoughtful direction, assuming the rumours come true.

[via First Showing]