Logan’s Run remake not influenced by the original


I got a chance to interview actor Ryan Gosling about his upcoming film Drive, and the topic of Logan’s Run came up. For those unaware, Gosling will be starring in a remake of Logan’s Run directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, director of Drive. He revealed that the film, and his performance, won’t be terribly influenced by the 1976 original film. He said this on the matter:

No, because it’s so different from our idea for Logan’s and we want to go back more to the book. Also, we have other ideas. And that film was shot in a mall in the 70s. I can’t see how it would influence us. I’ve been really enjoying the process of developing it. We’re focusing on that. We’re trying to create this world and make a movie we want to see, like we did with Drive.

I particularly love the dig at the fact that the movie was, well, shot in a shopping mall. Let’s face it, the original Logan’s Run is kinda low-rent. I’ve never read the book, so I can’t say whether or not it’s a GOOD thing that it’ll be more based on the book, but this could be one of those Highlander-style “remake is actually going to improve matters” things. If it’s a quarter as good as Drive, I’ll be there. Look out for my interview with Gosling, Glenn’s interview with director Winding Refn, and our full review of the film as the week continues.