London cinema uses ninjas to stop texting and talking


We love all those “don’t talk or text” PSAs from The Alamo Drafthouse, like the Patton Oswalt PSA or the Michael Madsen PSA. It’s a good-spirited way to tell inconsiderate jerks to shut the f**k up and turn off your stupid phone. The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square has gone one step further: they’ve got a ninja task force.

Teaming with Morphsuits, the theater has hired volunteers in head-to-toe black Lycra outfits to stand guard in movies. The ninjas lurk in the shadows (like ninjas are wont to do) and then emerge when they observe inconsiderate behavior. What’s it like to be confronted by a theater ninja?

Cinema-goer Abdul Stagg described the moment two Lycra-clad figures appeared beside him as “terrifying”. He had accepted a phone call as the film was about to start.

In the gallery are images of said cinema ninjas. “Terrifying” isn’t strong enough a word.

[Digital Spy via Badass Digest]

Hubert Vigilla
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