Lots o’ pictures from Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas


I had a problem with the second Harold & Kumar film. It just was nowhere near as funny as the first and felt more like a copycat than the sequel it should have been. I think that A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is going to get it right. It’s been long enough that they won’t feel pressured to repeat to many of the first film’s jokes and judging from all these new images for the film it’s got plenty of classic Harold and Kumar hijinks.

But I want to point you towards one image in particular. That one up there in the header. That’s clearly a nod towards The Hangover, right? I mean you got the baby, you got four guys, you got them waiting awkwardly in an elevator. Question is are they paying their respects or pointing out that they did the whole wild night thing pretty darn perfectly long before The Hangover ever did. I’m guessing the latter and if so it fills me with even more hope that this movie is going to be fall on the floor funny.

Matthew Razak
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