Luke Evans leaves The Crow reboot…which is probably not going to happen


Well, let’s consider this the final nail in the coffin. Although someone somewhere wants a Crow reboot, it’s having all sorts of trouble getting the ball rolling. The closest it got to going somewhere was a few months ago when it had both a director and lead star, Luke Evans. Now it’s only got one of those things…like always. 

After J. Javier Gutierrez (and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo) left the project, and Corin Hardy took over as director, Luke Evans has finally moved on thanks to all of the rewrites and shuffling. So, before it was finally set to shoot in the Summer, Relativity is looking for a new lead. I don’t know who’d be interested in this sinking ship if even Luke Evans can’t stake his name on it. This reboot is probably never happening.

[via The Wrap]