Marlon Wayans acts like an idiot six times over in trailer for Sextuplets


Here we have it folks. After posting their first subscriber loss last month, Netflix is hitting back with the first trailer for Sextuplets, a comedy from Marlon Wayans that looks like they put about as much effort into it as you would expect from a movie where Marlon Wayans pretends to be his own siblings. This just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that’s going to save Netflix. Then again, people tune into Adam Sandler’s movies in massive numbers so what do I know. 

Sextuplets | Official Trailer | Netflix

The movie is about a guy who finds out he’s a sextuplet and then goes and tries to find them. At some point I think some human emotion is attempted to be expressed, but mostly it just looks like fat jokes and bad acting. Maybe it’ll hit some folks funny bones but this one really isn’t for me at all. 

Sextuplets lands on August 16. Netflix is not doing a theatrical release in an attempt to garner awards, which is clearly a massive mistake.

Matthew Razak
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