Martin Campbell may be helming The Fall Guy


Martin Campbell is looking for a rebound after Green Lantern, and he may find it in the guise of the unknown stuntman who makes Eastwood look so fine. Campbell is in talks to helm a film version of The Fall Guy, the 80s TV show that starred Lee Majors as a stunt performer who moonlights as a bounty hunter to pay the bills.

I have hazy memories of The Fall Guy growing up. The theme song still sticks in my head after all these years, as does that tough-as-hell GMC 4×4 in the show. And of course there’s the show’s gorgeous co-star Heather Thomas, who’d be joined by the also beautiful Markie Post in later seasons of the show. Thomas was one of my actress-crushes in my pre-adolescent years; Zapped ensured she would endure into my adolescence. (Both she and Jenny Agutter from Logan’s Run and An American Werewolf in London ushered in puberty in a major way.)

Campbell seems like a solid choice for the film given his experience on GoldenEye and Casino Royale as well as his two Zorro movies. If the film gets made, it would be great to see some well-executed Bond-style stuntwork. Sure, a little Casino Royale parkour and GoldenEye bungee jumping would be nice, but I’m also thinking of older Bond stunts, like the corkscrew car jump from The Man With the Golden Gun or the cargo plane fight in The Living Daylights.

[Via /Film]

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