Martin Scorsese predicts holograms, lightsabers


I’m in the school of thought that 3D won’t go too much further. Sure, I think it’ll enjoy some popularity for a while longer, and I don’t think it’ll entirely disappear, but in most cases, it’s just a gimmick to throw a few extra bucks on a movie ticket. Of course, I could be wrong, and by the time I have children old enough to be contentious, they’ll say, “Geez, mom, 3D was the basis of today’s Holodeck. You’re such a Snarfblatt.” I’m also hoping that nonsense words from The Little Mermaid will make their way into everyday lingo with completely different meanings that baffle us old folk. One of those hooligans on the bus told me to bite his Dinglehopper, but I saw no forks at all!

Martin Scorsese would apparently think I’m a total Snarfblatt, because he has complete faith in 3D. After the LA premiere of Hugo, he told the audience that not only did he believe that 3D is the “future of storytelling,” but that “[if] everything moves along and there’s no major catastrophe, we’re headed towards holograms.” Oh, good. I was worried I would run out of things to throw my money at.

[Via The A.V. Club]