Marvel’s Inhumans and Guardians Of The Galaxy on the way


Everyone knows that Marvel fans have Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 to look forward to, yet a list released in this month’s Entertainment Weekly, featuring a blow-out of details on next year’s Avengers movie, suggests that a number of other, more unexpected titles are also in the works.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is the first surprise, reportedly aiming to do a ‘big space epic’ of the kind which many fans hoped DC’s Green Lantern might be. The Inhumans is another, starring a team of genetically engineered superhumans designed to fight the nefarious extraterrestrial Skrulls. Clearly Marvel have high hopes for Avengers, since it looks like they will be putting a much stronger focus on ensembles pieces in the near future. For those more interested in stories focused around a solitary hero, there is also reassurance that the Edgar Wright/Joe Cornish adaptation of Ant-Man is still in development, albeit only at the writing stage.

[via io9]