Matt Groening’s animated comedy Disenchantment greenlit by Netflix


Matt Groening, you beautiful bastard. You’ve given us The Simpsons, Futurama (my favorite cartoon ever) and soon, a new animated comedy called Disenchantment. As of today, Netflix has green-lit 20 episodes of the new Matt Groening series. Those episodes will be split into two seasons, with the first 10-episode batch expected to premiere next year.

What’s more, this show will have a lot of talent behind it besides Groening. Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson will be leading the cast alongside Eric Andre and Nat Faxton. And that’s just the talent behind the microphone. Rough Draft Studios, the animation company behind The Simpsons Movie and Futurama, will be on board for the animation. If you’re a fan of the animation behind Groening’s best work, then you’ll feel right at home with Disenchanted.

“‘Disenchantment’ will be about life and death, love and sex, and how to keep laughing in a world full of suffering and idiots, despite what the elders and wizards and other jerks tell you,” said Groening about his new show. 

Now, Disenchantment has been kicked around for some time. Groening hasn’t had a major project for the last few years, and it’s likely because he’s been pulling this show out of the ether and into reality. Hopefully, this means that he’s had the time to solidify all his ideas, and the production can run smoothly on the road to success. We’ll find out next year when Disenchantment makes its pilgrimage to Netflix. 

[via Deadline]