MGM continuing Twilight without Pattinson or Stewart


Everyone loves R-Patz and K-Stew, correct? Him with his stupid hair and shiny face, her with her grumbly countenance and sloppy posture. Truly, ’tis a love story for the ages, except for when she cheated on him with a forty-year old director and now with Lionsgate sacking both of them, along with oft-pointlessly shirtless werewolf Taylor Lautner, to continue the franchise with a whole new cast of stars for fifteen year old girls and slightly disturbing middle-aged businesswomen to invent baffling internet portmanteaus for.

Apparently, the plan is to pursue a spin-off, possibly revolving around the werewolf clan (where wolf? There, wolf!) Lautner’s character descended from. A TV show has also been mooted, presumably ignoring the existence of The Vampire Diaries, which sounds like exactly the same thing to me but then I’m not a frothy-mouthed teenager so what would I know? Whatever happens, Lionsgate aren’t going to let Twilight go with its dignity intact, presumably after realising it never had any to begin with.

[via The Film Stage]