Michael Chiklis to take on Jason Statham in Parker


Taylor Hackford’s Parker is the first adaptation of the titular character from Richard Stark’s novel series that actually maintains his original name. We’ve heard that Jason Statham will be playing the main role, a career criminal that lives by a code of honor. There has also been word of Clifton Collins, Jr., Wendell Pierce, and Jennifer Lopez attaining roles in the film. Now we know who the film’s antagonist will be.

Michael Chiklis has been cast as an unnamed nemesis who Parker will be facing off against. There are no story details yet, especially considering that the movie is an adaptation of themes from a long-running series that has seen many specific story adaptations in the past. If I were to hazard a guess though, I’d imagine Chiklis’s character to be a fellow thief whose morals don’t match up well with Parker’s code.

Of course, Chiklis could also be cast as a police officer, but he might be tired of that role after playing an unconventional police officer for years on The Shield. I’d like to think he’d take a more interesting role after that, considering that his only other important role during those years was The Thing in those dreadful Fantastic Four films.

[Deadline via JoBlo]