Michael Mann to go to Agnicourt


Michael Mann is officially attached to direct an adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s historical novel Agincourt, which he has been eyeing as far back as last October. The novel, set during the infamous Battle of Agincourt between the English and the French, centers around a young archer in King Henry’s army. My literary and theater peeps will also recognize the Battle of Agincourt as the site of the “St. Crispin’s Day” speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V. The film has no established shoot date, as Benjamin Ross is still writing the screenplay.

This is a picture I can really get behind. It’s got the potential for all the visceral action Michael Mann can do very well, and it’s fairly far outside his usual wheelhouse, which could honestly spell either impending brilliance or disaster. I’m going to go with brilliance, because I really need a win from Mann after the disappointment that was Public Enemies.

[Via Collider]