Mid90s proves skating is good for the soul

Mid90s | Official Trailer 2 HD | A24

In its history, skateboarding has had a roller coaster ride with peaks of cultural acceptance and valleys of You’ll Never Amount To Anything speeches. The latter is the setting for Mid90s, Jonah Hill’s highly touted film about a young teen with a rough home life who finds his place with a new group of friends outside of a California skate shop.  

Wanting to avoid a summer stuck with his abusive brother, Stevie runs around the streets of Los Angeles getting kicked out of spots with his newfound crew. As the trailer shows, skating is as much a teacher of life lessons as it is a physical activity. It’s truly magical what can come from riding around on a piece of wood, and Hill’s movie looks to capture just that. 

Mid90s hits theaters on October 19th. 

Nick Hershey