Ming-Na Wen gears up in latest The Mandalorian trailer


Vanity Fair has gotten its hands on a brand new teaser trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Featuring acclaimed actress Ming-Na Wen (famous for her work in Disney’s animated film Mulan), it looks like the seasoned veteran will be playing a total bad ass in this new series. In fact, everyone looks like a bad ass, which may or may not be a good thing.

We don’t get much information about what side Wen’s character is on. She could be a good guy, but walking a similar morally grey path as the titular character. Maybe she’s secretly with the Empire? It’s hard to tell, but her costume is on point. She definitely looks like a Star Wars character.

The Mandalorian isn’t too far off now. Disney+ will be launching next week and the internet is bound to implode from the sheer amount of traffic going to Disney’s servers. The Mandalorian will be there day one, though it’s anyone’s guess if we’ll actually be able to watch it immediately. Gotta love crappy internet infrastructure.

Ming-Na Wen’s ‘The Mandalorian‘ Character Revealed in New Look at the Series [Vanity Fair]

Peter Glagowski
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