Mission: Impossible 5’s ending yet to be accepted


The best thing about the Mission: Impossible franchise is how each movie, regardless of quality, has been a unique expression of style from each of its various directors. Christopher McQuarrie is the latest in a series of interesting choices, and his work on Mission: Impossible 5 had been going so smoothly that the movie was brought up from a December release date to July this year.

It’s a little concerning then, that news has leaked out about production halting for around a week in order for McQuarrie and Cruise to rework the ending, alongside an unknown third writer, who will be working on this without credit or pay. Now, it’s entirely possible I could be worrying over nothing – Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen did uncredited work on The Avengers; writers bring in their friends all the time. World War Z rewrote its entire final act, which played on screen like a completely separate, but far superior short film tacked on the end.

But a movie of this size halting production less than six months away from its release date doesn’t happen for no reason, even if we’ll never truly know the reason ourselves. We’ll find out for ourselves if the movie itself comes out of this for the better when it’s released on July 31.

[Via THR]