Monster Hunter gets pushed back to April 2021


Surprising absolutely no one, Sony has announced that the upcoming Monster Hunter film will be delayed until April 23, 2021. If you can believe it, the coronavirus is to blame for this delay. With Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti about to put the city into full lockdown again, it only makes sense to hold off on releasing this adaptation of Capcom’s popular video game series.

Originally, Monster Hunter was set for a September 4, 2020, release date and would have competed against A Quiet Place Part 2. Since that film was delayed earlier in the year, Sony was likely banking on the fact that moviegoers would only have one choice for the weekend. Thankfully, the studio has come to its senses and not pushed the film out. There’s no reason to risk your health over what is likely to not be that great of a movie.

In other Monster Hunter related news, we recently learned that actress Milla Jovovich chose her weapon in the film based on the one she uses in-game. She’s an avid fan of the series and wanted to represent her own personal playstyle in the movie. That’s a pretty nifty touch and something that gives me a little hope for the quality of the project.

Source: Deadline

Peter Glagowski
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