Monsters Inc. prequel obviously named Monsters University


Remember that Monsters Inc. prequel that we all heard about? You know, the one where were we follow Mike and Sully’s budding friendship as they attend Monster University? No? God you have awful short term memory.

Anyway, Pixar announced at CinemaCon that they will not be naming the Monsters Inc. prequel “Monsters Inc. 2: Electric Boogalo” or “Monsters: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire”, but rather going with the obvious Monsters University. They had little less to say about the movie other than that’s the name and it should hit theaters by 2012.

I, for one, welcome this cheap ruse at a cash grab. Though I loathe prequels and the fact that we even had to create a word to describe a sequel set before the first movie, Monsters Inc. happens to be one of my favorite Pixar movies and I can’t wait to see Mike & Sully in action again. I only hope that Pixar is bold enough with the script that they include themes of binge drinking, rampant drug use and potential date rape. You know, the college experience.

Now that I’ve delivered the most obvious news item of the day, I’ll let you go about your merry way. As for why I decided to put Lindsay Lohan in the header image, I can offer up no explanation other than “it felt right”.

[via /Film]