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Gangster Squad TV Spot - Available on Blu-ray and DVD May 20th

After the whole delay and reshoot thing Gangster Squad kind of fell off the radar, but now it’s clawing its way back into our minds. Kind of. 

We’ve got a new TV spot here and a behind the scenes look at the movie along with some black and white photos of the cast doing gangster things. I’ve lost my verve for this movie, though and nothing here is brining it back. Maybe it’s because I have to wait January 11 now to see the film, but the spot makes it look like an over worked action flick instead of the badass Untouchables film it should be. Maybe I was just expecting something a bit more subtle since the cast is so amazing.

The behind the scenes stuff is a bit more interesting, but doesn’t really shed more light on the film. And, since I’m clearly on a roll of hating things, these black and white photos just look like someone flipped the filter on their digital camera. There’s no feeling to any of them.

Of course I’ll deny I said any of this when I come of the movie waving my arms in excitement and pretending I’m a gangster. 

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Gangster Squad Featurette (2013) - Ryan Gosling Movie HD

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