Movie Debate to the Death! Favorite Daniel Craig film?


In the last debate we discussed which of the many Ryan Reynolds films was our favorite. Eleven different movies received votes but here are the top results:

  • Van Wilder (4 votes) — Winner!
  • Definitely, Maybe (3 votes)
  • Adventureland (2 votes)

As for the other films that were supported in the debate, Smoking Aces, Paper Man, Chaos Theory, Waiting, The Nines, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Buried, and Blade: Trinity all received just one vote each.

This week, with Cowboys & Alienscheck out our giveaway contest here — coming out in a few days, I want to know which Daniel Craig film is your favorite! To be clear, you’re voting on which of his films is your favorite overall; not just which Daniel Craig role you liked the most. Cast your votes in the comments below and check back next Tuesday to find out which film won!