Mumbling McConaughey becomes hired assassin in Serenity trailer


If there are three things Matthew McConaughey is good at, it’s staring into the distance with an ashy cigarette while words spill out of his mouth like an overfilled cup of molasses.  In the new trailer for Serenity, we get exactly that with an added dose of vengeful Anne Hathaway for a reunion that isn’t an Interstellar sequel. 

In Serenity, McConaughey plays fishing boat captain Baker Dill (somehow a perfect name for the Texan) who is living the life on the tranquil Plymouth Island. Then out of the blue, Dill’s ex-wife (Hathaway) shows up and asks him to kill her new, violent husband (Jason Clarke) in a shark-related accident. Let the battle of right and wrong–with added temptation–begin.

Serenity hits theaters on October 19th. 

Nick Hershey