Neopets is getting an animated series


If you didn’t play Neopets growing up, can you really say you had a decent childhood? Well, now a blast from the early 2000s past is making a comeback in a rather unique way. Canadian Broadcaster Blue Ant Media announced that it has gained exclusive broadcasting rights to develop a new Neopets animated series. I can’t believe I am still talking about a website that was basically my life when growing up with the internet back when I was nine and ten years of age. The virtual pet website was a huge part of my life back then and even today almost twenty years later since it launched I still check on my pets daily.

What I am curious about is how Blue Ant will handle making a new series based on a property that isn’t really that popular anymore. All those who grew up with it have probably outgrown it and it has become pretty irrelevant. My guess is this is to get new fans for a new generation and maybe just maybe make Neopets matter again. Only time will tell how Blue Ant Media handles it and whether it will be a disaster or not.

Neopets animated TV series in the works [Polygon]

Tarah Bleier
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