Netflix and Over the Garden Wall’s creator are working on animated Redwall adaptations


Surely set to get some animation fans giddy with excitement, Netflix has announced plans to partner with Patrick McHale (Over the Garden Wall) in adapting Brian Jacques’ classic Redwall series of books into a feature animation and series.

The Redwall series, spanning more than 20 books published since 1986, sweeps its readers up in a grand fantasy adventure told on a physically smaller scale, with mice and moles making up a vast cast of characters and kingdoms. With books set out of chronological order and a wide array of intrigue and extensive lore, Jacque’s world, though technically for children, has drawn comparisons to those of Tolkien’s Middle Earth as well as Richard Adams’ Watership Down.

McHale is said to be writing the film for Netflix, which focuses on the first book in the series–Redwallwhile a subsequent “event series” will focus on Martin the Warrior, one of Redwall‘s many mighty mice that comprise Jacques’ tableau of characters. Over the Garden Wall was comprised of 10 episodes that aired in November of 2014, based on McHale’s short Tome of the Unknown. It garnered a cult following, having since received comic book spin-offs and critical acclaim.

Redwall has received adaptations across other media previously, notably with a 39-episode animated series that began airing in 1999, as well as a stage production. Netflix’s acquisition of the series from Penguin Random House Children marks the first time a feature adaptation has been in production, as well as the first major Redwall release since Jacques’ passing in 2011.

By all accounts, this seems like a major win for fans on both sides. Over the Garden Wall‘s tremendous success at Cartoon Network earned McHale a legion of fans, while Redwall‘s established significance and fanbase ought to be comforted knowing their old favorite is in the hands of a revered animator and creator.

Source: Variety