Netflix is in talks to get the rights to Cloverfield sequel God Particle


The third film in the Cloverfield trilogy was supposed to hit sometime last year, and then again sometime in January, and now had an April release date. I say had, because word is that Netflix is looking to scoop up the film with Paramount no longer excited to release the film theatrically. There’s no details on what the deal would constitute, but THR reports that Paramount’s chairman, Jim Gianopulos, is culling their release slate and making hard decisions about what they want to release. 

God Particle, also known as Cloverfield Station, is an odd choice, though. The films are usually made cheap, and have made Paramount a ton of money because of it. It may be because the film reportedly needed some work, which Abrams was going to give it in post, but he’s been distracted by being put in charge of Star Wars: Ep. IX. That was a surprise job for him, remember. 

 Netflix might be the right place for the film anyway. The films “gimmick” have always been to release with little fanfare and no indication of what they’re truly about. Dropping the movie on streaming one day unannounced is the ultimate way to do this. I’d be excited if I flipped on my Netflix and saw the movie ready to play with little to now warning. It definitely worked of 10 Cloverfield Lane in theaters so I think it would work even better on Netflix.

Netflix in Talks to Acquire ‘Cloverfield’ Sequel From Paramount [THR]


Matthew Razak
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