Netflix is making a Castlevania series written by Warren Ellis


Netflix is making a series based on Castlevania, which will debut later this year. The first season of the series has been written by comics scribe Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Iron ManPlanetary). According to Polygon, this information was buried in a press release at a New York event about Netflix’s new slate of original programming.

There has been talk about Castlevania as an animated series for some time now, starting in 2015 from producer Adi Shankar and hinted at by producer Fred Seibert late last year. As of now, no official word on what capacity either will be working on the show, though Shankar did say on Facebook years ago that he’d be co-running the show.

Also unclear is what game or story elements the Castlevania series will focus on. While a tale about the Belmont family seems like a safe bet, we might wind up with something about Alucard a la Symphony of the Night.

What do you think of the news? What game or story elements would you like to see? Also, Warren freakin’ Ellis, right? Gosh. Let us know in the comments.

[via Polygon]

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