Netflix Now: Belated Birthday Edition


Last week, I had a birthday that brings me uncomfortably closer to 30. Since I’m a dainty lad, I won’t say the number, but let’s just say my life is going downhill from this point on. Luckily, Netflix Instant delivered some amazing new content to make me feel better about my painful joints and sore muscles.

The two immediate highlights are the Flixist favorite ParaNorman and the Jason Statham-led Safe. However, watchful eyes will notice that the first two seasons of Kitchen Nightmares have also been added. If there’s any way you’d want to waste away an afternoon, it’s listening to Gordon Ramsay berate naive restauranteurs and their lackluster chefs.

Check below the cut for the rest of the new additions to Netflix Instant over the past week.

Weekly Netflix Now Awards

Most Likely to be Rewatched First

New Netflix Original Series I Have No Interest In
Hemlock Grove

Best Recently Added Zac Efron Movie
The Paperboy

Manliness-Inspiring Movie Award (Because of Jason Statham’s Presence)

Best Movie Named After a Bodily Function

Series That Almost Makes Me Want to Play Assassin’s Creed 3 (But Doesn’t Succeed)
Arn: The Knight Templar

Guilty Pleasure Award
Kitchen Nightmares