Netflix Now: Sailor Naruto Moon Edition


I did not know there was more than one Naruto movie, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. They all have super ridiculous titles, too. Tell me something with “Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom” isn’t about Sailor Moon and I totally wouldn’t have believed you until today.

Apparently there was a movie called King of the Hill four years before the TV series came out about a little boy who lived in a hotel without his parents during the Great Depression. I’ll bet it gets a lot of hits now that it’s on Netflix, but for none of the reasons the filmmakers were hoping for. Similarly, I imagine that a lot of people are disappointed when they put on The Taste of Others and find a French-language romance instead of a documentary about cannibals.

There’s also a Christian Family Film called Christmas with a Capital C. I understand what they’re going for (the tagline is actually “Putting Christ Back in Christmas”), but…come on, now. Christmas always has a capital C. It is basic grammar. I am disappointed. Unless the movie is actually some combination of Christmas and grammatical lessons, in which case this movie could be very awesome.

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