Netflix Now: Wrestlemania Film Festival Edition


Oooh yeah, Flixist fans. It’s upon us once again. Comin’ right at ya from New York City, yeah. The Tribeca Film Festival kicks off tonight! Yeah, a cup of coffee at primetime to keep us going until the wee hours, yeah. Time to make the donuts from the top turnbuckle — dunkin’ my elbow right there and I hear the one, two, three count, yeah, HUH! Intercontinental film blog, yeah!

Okay, so I’m pretty excited for Tribeca, but I need to stay focused. I’ve switched up my source for the new stuff on Netflix Instant since I noticed lots of irregularities on the RSS feed recently. So, anyway, what’s new?

For one, there’s one my favorite movies from 2011, the documentary Bill Cunningham New York. There’s also the Korean heist movie The Thieves, Sang-soo Hong’s In Another Country, and the very good Bob Flanagan doc Sick, for all you sickos out there. Plenty more to watch as well.

After the cut, everything on Netflix Instant, and the Macho madness continues because the beat goes on.

Macho Man Randy Savage - The Cream of the Crop

Weekly Netflix Now Awards

Most Likely to Be Rewatched First

Bill Cunningham

Most Likely to Be Watched Out of Perverse Artistry


Movie That Alec Kubas-Meyer Legitimately Wants to See

The Thieves

That’s All Over the Second We Ride Up Troy’s Bucket

This Is Our Time

Two Zombie Movies That Should Totally Fight (or Make Out)

Rise of the Zombies / War Of The Dead

At Home Washing His Tights

VeggieTales Classics: Where’s God When I’m Scared?

But You’re Bringing Me Down

New York, I Love You

Hope the Sequel is Called Jazzy Like the Blues

Blue Like Jazz

Best Location


Location of Best Location

In Another Country

Best Title

Orchestra of Exiles

Unintelligable Macho Man, Zeus, and Sensational Sherri Promo

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