Netflix’s 1922 trailer cashes in on Stephen King It craze


Hot off the heels of the wildly successful film adaptation of Stephen King’s It, we’re getting a Netflix adaptation of a King novella, 1922, park of 2010’s collection Full Dark, No Stars. It looks like we’ve got some dirt farmers who aren’t happy with their lots in life and things go bad. It is Stephen King, after all.


1922 | Official Trailer HD | Netflix, Stephen King

The issue is not another King adaptation right on the heels of It. Clearly, with an October 20 release date, this has been in the works long before the clown-money-train came to town. And King material is adapted constantly (including another film and two television series just this year). The issue is that this trailer falls victim to the telling too much trope of bad trailers. You can hint at a what a film’s about with a premise; you do not need a full-on synopsis. This trailer leaves little to the imagination, and essentially outlines the full plot of the movie. True enough, 1922 readers would know it anyhow, but for those that haven’t read it, the surprise won’t live up to its potential, and you should never give that value away.